Privacy policy.

We who run and are responsible for the LinkPay service are:
Censeo Tech AB
Lerskäddegatan 61
426 58 Västra Frölunda
Sweden SE556636354401
phone: +46 31 168200

What is the purpose of collecting these personal data?

We receive the personal information from you who are paying to be able to perform this payment order for the payee.
The only purpose with this is to:
  1. send a receipt on your payment to your e-mail address
  2. facilitate for the payee to see who has made the payment.
The personal data is not shared with any third party except for the subcontractors (processors) that the LinkPay service is dependent on in order to perform the payment order.
The personal data will under no circumstances be used for anything other than performing this payment order.

For how long is the data stored?

The personal data is stored from a few hours up to a maximum of 14 days depending on the type of payment, and what version of the LinkPay service the payee uses.
On the LinkPay landing page it is shown how long your personal data will be stored for the current payment.

Can I change the personal data or delete them in advance?

Please contact us if you want to delete or change your personal data.

Where are the personal data stored?

The personal data is stored in a database located within the EU.


Censeo Tech AB are using subcontractors (processors) to perform the LinkPay service.
Censeo Tech AB undertakes to sign personal data processing agreements (DPA) with all subcontractors.